Production & Entertainment Package Insurance.

As a producer in the film and/or entertainment industry whether you are working to shoot a full feature film or just shooting a commercial we will always assure that coverage will meet any and all of your needs here in the States or Overseas in another country.  Coverage can be written on an annual basis as well as short term depending on your needs. As a member of the APA (Arizona Production Association) we strive on meeting all your insurance needs so that you have peace of mind knowing that wherever you are or whatever happens you are covered worldwide for anything that might pop up:

  • Entertainment Package and/or Event Package to include the following:
    • General Liability
    • Business Personal Property
    • Scheduled Auto’s; Non-Owned and Hired Auto Coverage
  • Equipment Floater Policy to include all owned and/or rented equipment, props, sets and wardrobe
  • Workers Compensation Coverage for all your employees
  • Umbrella and/or Excess Liability

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